0. Introduction

0.1. This Privacy Policy seeks to explain in a clear, fair and transparent manner what personal data we collect, its purpose and the treatment thereof.

1. Responsibility for data processing

1.1. We, BTCSURF, are responsible for the data of the btcsurf.io website. (“service”, “this site”).

1.2. We are committed to guarantee the privacy of personal data collected from the first moment (account registration).

2. What personal data is collected?

2.1. For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, “personal data” means any information through which a user can be personally identified and includes, not limited to, username, email address, year of birth and any type of optional information regarding services provided by third parties

2.2. Our policy is to collect the data strictly necessary for the correct provision of the services we offer. We will never ask for unnecessary data.

3. Collection, importance and purpose of the personal data collected

3.1. In order to be a user on our website you need to register an account by filling in the registration form found on the site itself.

3.2. All the data collected and delivered by the user is essential for the proper functioning of the account, including all services provided; as well as the security and correct operation of such services, whether provided by us or by third parties.

3.3. Any account registration carried out by people under the allowed age to be able to give their consent to the processing of their personal data, in the eyes of the applicable legislation in their country or residence, as well as people under 16 years of age, is not allowed. We will never knowingly collect personal data from people under the age mentioned, being the responsibility of their legal guardian to prevent their registration.

3.4. We emphasize that all personal data is treated in a lawful and transparent manner, guaranteeing the user the loyalty of the treatment.

3.5. No personal data will be sold, rented or offered in exchange for any benefit. This data will not be disclosed publicly or privately to others, except with the express authorization of the user, as described in this Privacy Policy, or by government obligation and the laws govern payment processors, other services that use through us or any other legal obligation.

4. How do we use the information collected?

4.1. All the data collected is stored and organized in a safe, efficient, personalized and confidential manner.

4.2. We take a variety of security measures, both active and passive, in order to ensure the protection of the personal data of users against unauthorizedaccess, use and disclosure.

4.3. The user accepts that we can use their personal data for, mainly:

Process transactions made or requested by the user through the payment processors authorized by us;

Increase the level or personalization of the services and adapt them, as much as possible, to the tastes and preferences of the user;

Ensure that all third party services are offered without limitations as far as the identification of the user is concerned;

Resolve litigation and solve problems;

Manage risks and prevent fraud or other potentially illegal or prohibited activities;

Detect and prevent non-compliance with applicable policies or terms of service;

Provide the user with help and support services.

4.4. We will use the personal email address provided by the user to confirm the registration of the account, facilitate the recovery of the username and its primary and/or secondary passwords. We will also use it to be able to respond to any communication initiated with our support team, any notice that we consider important and always in relation to the users account or activity, or send notifications of forum subscriptions that the user has previously requested.

4.5. All communication between our support team and the user must be kept private and confidential by both parties, except when it is legally necessary or authorized by both parties, under penalty of non-compliance.

4.6. We collect the IP address and other identifying information about the computer or device used to access this website with a view to assist in the detection of situations or unauthorized transactions, prevent fraud, internalstatistical data and determine the country where the user is located, among other non-public uses.

5. What security procedures do we offer to guarantee the user the protection of their data against unauthorized access or modification?

5.1. We take all the necessary and legally required precautions to ensure the protection of the collected information from the users registered on this site. These precautions guarantee the “online” and “offline” security of this information.

5.2. The security of the users account also depends on the protection given by the user, their primary and/or secondary passwords and the use of the two-step verification.

5.3. We will never ask a user to send us the passwords of their accounts, so any email or other communication, site or program that requests the passwords of the website should be ignored.

5.4. If a user shares with another person any password related to their own account, for any reason, including, but not limited to the promise of the other person to offer services of grouping accounts, this other person will have access to the users account and its respective personal data. Each user is always responsible for the actions carried out in and with his/her account, regardless of who uses it. If a user believes that another person has been able to obtain any of the passwords of their account, they must change them immediately from the personal options after logging in or request a new password following the instruction that can be found on the login page.

6. How is the collected information shared with third parties?

6.1. We, through our website, collaborate with several service providers whose treatment and protection of personal data, requested to our users to offer theirservices, are entirely their responsibility. Certain services require data referring to users so that the user can enjoy these services.

6.2. Regardless of what has been described above, optionally and only with the consent of the user, we can provide personal data, filled in by him/her, important for simplifying the provision of services to certain external service providers whose services are provided through us and in accordance with our Privacy Policy and any other applicable and appropriate security measures.

6.3. Links to third-party sites are included on this site. These sites are governed by their own privacy policies and term of service so we are not responsible for their operations, including, but not limited to their information practices, protection and data processing. Users must analyze their privacy policies before sending or providing personal data to these third-party sites.

6.4. In case of fraud, illegality or any other act carried out in a harmful way against our company, our services, our image or our service providers, among others, practicing actively or passively, with intention or not, the personal data of this user may be disclosed to third parties to assist in the resolution of the acts performed and prevent them from being committed against them.

7. Users rights in relation to their personal data.

7.1. In the context of the conditions of use of this site and all its services, the user is responsible for providing true and updated personal information. In turn, we guarantee the user the right to consult, update and/or modify the information provided by him whenever he wishes and with total autonomy. This can be done from the personal settings area of your account and, after logging in, in other areas of the site designated for that purpose.

7.2. The user has the right to be forgotten as well as the right to request the deletion of their personal data. To simplify this process, these rights are automatically exercised after the permanent suspension of the users account, as defined in this policy. Despite the automation of this process, the user may, if he/she wishes, request such rights. The request will involve the withdrawal of the consent previously given for the processing of his/her personal data. Such arequest will have to be made together with the request for the withdrawal of such consent, as established in this policy.

7.3. In the event that a registration on this website is permanently suspended due to breach of the Terms of Service, inactivity or other valid reason; we reserve the right not to authorize the use of the same data to register a new account on this site, thus complying with the Terms of Service and in order to protect the service in general, other users and service providers.

7.4. In addition, we inform that the users personal data will only be used actively in accounts that are active. When an account is permanently suspended, the use of the personal data will be made only passively, to comply with our terms of Service, solve problems, avoid fraud, resolve disputes or respond to issues and legal requirements, together with other private uses, ceasing in any case the exchange of information that the user has previously authorized with external services, except when legally necessary.

7.5. After the permanent suspension of a users account, we will only archive the data strictly necessary for compliance with our Terms of Service, general service protection and any legal obligation, among others, and for as long as the service is available. All non-essential data will be immediately and automatically deleted.

8. Consent

8.1. The user, by accepting and giving his/her consent to this Privacy Policy during the registration of his/her account on the website will be automatically confirming his/her consent, as well as each time the account is used, authorizing and consenting expressly our use of the personal data provided and our obligation to act in accordance with the stipulated in this document.

8.2. At the time of registration, the user declares to give their consent for us to process their personal data, as well as declares to have read, understood and accepted this Privacy Policy, always making sure to consult it periodically to be informed of any alteration in it.

8.3. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy and do not intend to consent to the processing of your personal data, the user cannot and should not access this website.

8.4. We point out that the owner of the data has the right to withdraw his/her consent at any time. To do this, you must send a support request from your account and request the withdrawal of data processing consent, which will be made after the necessary confirmation that the request is originated by the current owner of the account in question, the user being aware that such act does not compromise the legality of the treatment carried out on the consent previously given and that he/she will not be able to access this website from that moment. The same will happen automatically when you do not use a user account during the period defined in our Terms of Service, at the end of which the account will be automatically suspended.

9. Cookies y similares

99.1. By accessing our site, we and the service providers with whom we collaborate may place small data files on the computer or device used by the user. These data files may be cookies or another type of local storage available in the internet browser or application used. We use this information to identify the user, save some important options for the use of the account, help ensure that the security of the account is not compromised, mitigate risks and ensure and promote the security of our web site and of all our available services.

10. Alterations to this privacy policy

10.1. We reserve the right to alter this privacy policy whenever we consider it necessary, so we recommend a regular reading of this document that will always be accompanied by the date of the last update. Any change will be effective after it has been published. Any significant alteration that implies changes in the operation of this policy; excluding grammar corrections, reformulations, deletion or addition of texts to simplify or improve an explanation, among other, will be notified by email.

11. Additional information

11.1. Spanish is the main language of the page. Any other language has been translated from the main language. If you have any doubts when using any of these translations you should consult the page in Spanish. We reject any responsibility in case of a bad translation.

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